Friday, September 4, 2009

Tutu Bow Holders

These adorable tutu bow holders can be made in any colors to match your little princess's room. I can do them with a corset top like the one above, with a corkscrew necklace or with a plain bodice. These bow holders are custom made and I have many different fabrics to choose from.
Tutu Bow Holder $15.00
Email me today so I can get started on your custom creation!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Baby Candy

These adorable pieces of "candy" are made of onsies and baby wash cloths. They are fun gifts for a baby shower. They are wrapped in cellophane with matching ribbon on the sides. I can make them in whatever colors you prefer or to match a specific theme.
Baby Onsie Candy $5.00 each
Baby Washcloth Candy $3.00 each

Baby Lollipops

I offer Baby Lollipops made of onsies, baby washcloths, or burp cloths. They include a Gerber baby spoon and come wrapped in cellophane with a cute ribbon. Here are some examples...

You may specify what colors you prefer and gender (or neutral) and whether you want your Baby Lollipop made of a onsie, burp cloth or washcloth.

Baby Lollipops are $5.00 each.

Diaper Cupcakes

These sweet diaper cupcakes are an adorable shower gift or centerpiece. They are each made of 1 size 2 diaper and 1 baby washcloth. They are wrapped in coordinating ribbons and placed in a cupcake wrapper. You can buy just one or a group to make a fun gift. I have many colors and patterns to match any themed shower.
Diaper Cupcakes $5.00 each

Large Diaper Cupcakes

These adorable large cupcakes are the perfect baby gift or centerpiece for a small shower. They are each the size of a 8 inch round cake. They are made of 2 receiving blankets, 3 size 2 diapers and a cute little baby hat. They are each wrapped in a coordinating ribbon.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Custom Blankets

Diaper and Wipes Case

These handy diaper and wipe cases are the perfect size to throw in your purse for quick changes when you are out in public. They fit at least 3 diapers and a small pack of wipes. I can make them to match your diaper bag or purse. I have many colors and patterns to choose from.
Diapers and Wipes Case $12.00

Boutique Burp Cloths

Diaper Cake Gallery